The genus of indeclinable nouns

The genus of indeclinable nouns

The genus of indeclinable nouns can be determined semantically (meaning) or syntactically – the forms of the coordinated (coordinated) word.

The masculine gender refers to

1. Nouns. calling men, as well as persons by profession, positions irrespective of sex: monsieur. padre. maestro. bourgeois. attaché. protégé. entertainer. couturier.

2. Most words that are animal names.

The feminine gender refers to

1. Words denoting the female: Madame. Mademoiselle. lady.

2. Some inanimate nouns.

To the middle genus belong

Nouns, which are names of inanimate objects: a coat. depot. the muffler. Role. interview. cliche. show. mango. pills. meringue. sake. Beaujolais. cabaret. compartment. relay. madrasah.

The genus of indeclinable nouns denoting the geographical names and names of the organs of the press is determined by the genus of the corresponding nominal noun. stormy Mississippi (river) – g. R. full-flowing Ontario (lake) – cf. R. sunny Baku (city) – m. beautiful Tbilisi (city) – m. reported and the Times (newspaper) – g. R.

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The genus of indeclinable nouns