Summary of the “Eagle Patron” of Saltykov-Shchedrin

“Poets write a lot about the eagles in verse, and always with praise, so if they want to sing in the verses of a policeman, for example, they surely compare it to the eagle.”

The narrator is surprised why the eagle forgave the mouse, and not vice versa. But after all “it’s not at all then that the eagle catches mice to forgive.” And other birds are afraid of the eagle, but they are not admired at all.

Further, the author compares one well-to-do person with an eagle. He got bored and said to his eagle: “It’s boring to live with one’s eye to eye.” You look all day in the sun – the indus are stupefied. ” He wanted to get the janitors. “Ravens would be transferred to him, parrots – somersaulted, forty porridge cooked, starlings – great songs would be sung, owls, owls and owls would fly at night, and hawks, kites and falcons would have food for him. with one bloodthirstiness. “


ordered the eagle a hawk, a kite and a falcon to pick up the yard. We first collected the raven, then “the brass band was gathered from the corncrackers and the hoods, the parrots were dressed up as buffoons, to the forty-white-bears, the good of the thief, the keys to the treasury were entrusted, the owls and the owls were forced to fly at night.”

“Even the cuckoo was not forgotten, fortunetellers were identified at the eagle, and an orphanage was built for the cuckoo orphans.”

And the bullfinch decided to go to the eagle in the yard. Behind him and a woodpecker scientist. “Maybe he’ll print my research crows’ crooks!” The nightingale wanted to honor him, that’s why he went to serve to the eagle, “it was thought: an eagle will hang a necklace of ant eggs around his neck, he will decorate the whole chest with live cockroaches, and the eagle will appoint secret appointments for the moon.”

Owl advised “science and art in the wards to start, because with them and the eagles are more busy, and from the outside look is not shameful.”


falcon and the owl decided to teach the reading and writing of the eagle itself. “He was taught by the sound method, easy and amusing, but, no matter how they fought, he signed” Arer “instead of” Eagle “in a year.” Falcon, too, every minute suggested that without the first four rules of arithmetic, loot is impossible to divide.

“You stole ten gosnets, gave them two to the quarterly keeper, and I ate one myself-how much is left?” – asked the falcon with reproach. The eagle could not resolve and was silent, but the evil against the falcon was accumulating in his heart every day more and more. “

The eagle of his teachers began to chase him away. And when the owl did not want to leave the master alone, “in an instant the eagle turned to the owl and tore it in two.” And the falcon suffered the same fate. And then the “starlings zalenilis, corncrake began dissembling, forty-Belobokov stealing without prosynu and crows accumulated arrears such an abyss that had to resort to execution. So much so that even the eagle with food Orlicí started filing spoiled.”

Then the birds were executed and imprisoned in dungeons. “Servants remained empty eagle, eagle, hawk, and when they let a kite And in the distance -.. The mass of crows, which shamelessly fruit.” “Then the kite with the hawk, not knowing who to harass (crows in the account was not supposed to), began to harass each other.”

Then the crows all flew. “The eagle chased after them, but there it was: the sweet landlord’s livelihood had so pampered him that he could barely wiggle.”

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Summary of the “Eagle Patron” of Saltykov-Shchedrin