Loneliness composition

What is the meaning of loneliness? Is it possible to enjoy being alone? This question can be answered only by those who have at least once felt this feeling. And if you approach the answer to this question in this way – everyone can answer. After all, we sometimes feel ourselves lonely to some extent, just someone more, and someone less. I believe that sometimes it is useful to be alone, to reflect on your life, about what you have achieved and what you want to achieve.

Also worth sharing such concepts – be lonely and be alone. After all, this, I think, is completely different concepts. You can communicate with many, and be lonely at the same time, but you can have one hundred friends and at the same time keep close to anyone, without feeling lonely at the same time.

I think you can not turn into an outcast, shut yourself up, keep problems in yourself, do not share them with someone. True, there are cases that there is no one to share with – this is a serous problem. Many of my school friends have such a problem. The reason for this is probably the age of transition, the emergence of a person as an individual, a misunderstanding with parents and teachers.

A teenager, I think, should not fall into loneliness. If the parents suspected something wrong with the behavior of their son or daughter – it is necessary to apply measures – to talk more, spend more time, spend as much time as possible to the family and then everything will necessarily improve. After all, all the problems lie in education, in the family.

Here is my opinion on the topic of loneliness!

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Loneliness composition