Biography Trifonov Yuri Valentinovich

(1925 – 1981)

Trifonov Yuri Valentinovich (1925 – 1981), the prose writer.
Born August 28 in Moscow in the family of a professional revolutionary who participated in the armed uprising in Rostov (passed the exile and penal servitude), in the organization of the Red Guard in Petrograd in 1917, in the Civil War, in 1918 he saved the gold reserves of the republic, worked in the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court. The father was for the future writer a true model of a revolutionary and a person. For the twelve-year-old boy was the tragedy of the arrest of his father, in whose innocence he was confident and in 1937, when this happened, and later. In 1938 the mother was arrested. “Son of the Enemy of the People” after high school could not enter any university, so he had to work at the aviation plant as a mechanic, dispatcher of the shop, editor of the factory multiparty.
Having received the necessary work experience, Trifonov entered the Literary

Institute. M. Gorky, who graduated in 1949. Fame gained after the publication of the novel “Students” (1950).
In the spring of 1952 he left for a business trip to Karakum, on the route of the Main Turkmen Canal. For many years the writer’s fate of Yu. Trifonov turned out to be connected with Turkmenistan. In 1959, a series of stories and essays “Under the Sun” appeared, in which the features of the Trifon style proper were first designated. In 1962 he wrote the novel “The Thirst Quenching”.
Rehabilitation of his father (1955) made it possible in 1965 to write a documentary tale “Reflection of a bonfire” on the basis of the surviving father’s archive.
In 1966 – 69 wrote a series of short stories – “Faith and Zoya”, “In the Mushroom Autumn”, etc.
In 1969, the first novel from the cycle of “urban” “Exchange” comes out, followed by (1970 – 76) “Preliminary Results”, “Long Farewell”, “Another Life”, “House on the Embankment”.

In 1973, a novel about the People’s Will was published – “Impatience,” exploring in humans “an ineradicable genetic code of history,” linking the past, present and future.
In recent years, were written: the novel “The Old Man” and the series of stories “The Overtroped House.” Y. Trifonov died in Moscow in 1981.
A brief biography from the book: Russian writers and poets. A short biographical dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

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Biography Trifonov Yuri Valentinovich