The development of the Earth by man. Countries of the world

1. Why is the density of population different in different parts of the world?

For a long time, mankind has spread throughout the territory of the Earth, gradually accumulating in places most favorable for living. The further development of the society showed that, despite the state’s desire to level the density of the population throughout the country, people themselves tend to live where the climate is more comfortable for human habitation. The basic population of Russia is concentrated in the center and in the south of the European part, the population of Canada – and southern regions, China – in the east and southeast.

2. What kinds of economic activities of people especially strongly change natural complexes?

A person in the course of his economic activity violates the natural interaction between natural components in natural complexes. In places of greatest population density, these impacts are most significant.

3. On which continents are especially many countries? Why?

Currently, people live permanently on all continents.

On all other continents, people live in the territories of different states. On each continent, a different number of states were formed. Compare the number of countries in Eurasia and Africa – these continents have the largest number of countries and different peoples, which these countries form and form. At the same time in Australia there was only one country.

The geographic location of countries on the same continent may vary significantly. It can be an island or peninsular country, a landlocked country without access to the sea.

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The development of the Earth by man. Countries of the world