The Australian Union

1. What are the minerals rich in the Australian Union?

The Australian Union is a country occupying the whole continent that is part of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

The Australian Union, which is called Australia, contains rich mineral deposits in its bowels. The regularity of the location of minerals depends on the structure of the earth’s crust. In the sedimentary cover of the platform there are combustible minerals of sedimentary origin, in the mountainous regions on the mobile sections of the earth’s crust, metallic minerals are formed.

2. Where in Australia are the most favorable areas for agriculture? Confirm the response with soil and climate maps.

The most favorable for the cultivation of agricultural plants in Australia are the extreme southwest and the extreme south-east of the continent, as well as its eastern coast. It is warm, there is enough rainfall, fertile soils are widespread: brown, yellow, red earth. In the south-west and southeast, wheat, grapes and fruits are grown; on the east coast – sugar cane, cotton.

Animal husbandry is practiced virtually throughout the continent, excluding the desert zone.

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The Australian Union