Composition of all art reveals secrets

What is art? What is its effect on the human mind? What kind of art should it be? These and other issues are touched by M. O. Gershenzon. However, in most detail the author considers the problem of captivating art.

To draw readers’ attention to this problem, the author argues that art is certainly captivating. It attracts people with its beauty, originality, harmony. Art keeps secrets that always interest people: “The melodious form attracts the attention of people, not knowing what value is hidden in the artistic creation, people are unconsciously attracted to it and perceive it for its external enchantments.” The problem of captivating art is actual today, as contemporary art contains many unsolved secrets.

The author expresses his opinion clearly and unequivocally. He believes that art should be captivating. It “pierces” the human soul, enriching its inner world.

It is difficult not to agree with the opinion of the author. Indeed, art generates the best qualities in a person. It attracts people with originality, piercing.

As a proof of the above, I will give the following example. Let us recall the story of A. P. Chekhov “Rothschild’s Violin”. Yakov Matveyevich, the hero of the work, found a melody, amazing in beauty, touching and sad, forcing to make philosophical enrichments of humane character. Melody captivated the hero with its beauty, musicality.

The following example can serve as an argument. The outstanding Russian poet Vasily Zhukovsky, talking about his impressions of Raphael’s painting “Sistine Madonna”, said that the hour he spent in front of her belongs to the happiest hours of his life, and he thought that this picture was born in the moment of a miracle.

I read the text of M. O. Gershenzon with interest. I believe that art can captivate the soul, the consciousness of a person, enriching the inner world, inspiring good deeds.

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Composition of all art reveals secrets