The composition of Perov’s painting “Portrait of Dostoyevsky”

When you look at the portraits made by Perov, you can much better know those who are depicted on them.
Here is the image of the great playwright Dostoevsky, whose mysterious story is evident from his works, becomes more understandable and open to his admirers.
And the whole secret is that Perov does not seek only a portrait similarity.
It is important for him to depict the psychological image, the inner world of his character, which is clear from the expression of the eyes, facial expressions, habitual posture in which the hero feels relaxed and comfortable, and even from the clothes that characterize each hero, moving the person looking at the portrait in that era, when it was made.
Even the background plays an important role in acquaintance, where the artist is only an intermediary between the viewer and the person who interested him and inspired him to make a masterpiece.

With all the greatness of the works, Dostoevsky, on Perov’s portrait,

seemed modest, even a little sad.
As if he is concerned about something important, or is thinking about the plot of the next book, which must necessarily become a genius.
Not so I imagined a classic.
But, thanks to the accuracy and drawing of small details of the portrait, you can see much more than it seems at first glance.
For example, the eyes of this person are not just sad, they are attentive, they see so much that they want to share all those thoughts that are born as a result of the analysis of what they saw.
The pose of the writer indicates a focus on the main thing in this life, which helps to appreciate the simplicity, the main feature of any work of the author.

The portrait exudes and a certain isolation.
The hands are tightly closed, the leg is tossed over his leg, like a playwright or holds a line, or protects the unfinished idea of ​​his next work.
At the same time, the dark background makes the figure brighter, highlighting it clearly, as if wanting to concentrate the viewer’s attention.
This is what impressed me most.
Mastery of the artist can be seen from the fact that he did not forget a single detail to achieve his goal.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “Portrait of Dostoyevsky”