The composition of Perov’s painting “Nikita Pustosvyat.” The dispute about faith “

So the event of the end of the 17th century became public for the whole world. The plot described by the painter shows the unpreparedness of the society to change its established views, and there is not even a hint of the ability to conduct a dialogue. It seems that the interests that are affected by the two sides threaten the tranquility of the whole society. Therefore, it is worthwhile to defend them so zealously. Whom did the artist write? And what sense he put into the poses of the main characters, and those who surround them.

I liked the picture of V. G. Perov for the fact that it can be considered for a long time. It depicts many different characters, they met in battle for their beliefs. It can be seen how the author puts forward two main characters of this scene, thanks to a simple technique – lighting. Princess Sophia and Nikita Pustosvyat are the brightest figures on the canvas. And in life they turned out to be those whom history remembers to this day. The picture

prompted me to look into different encyclopedias in order to better acquaint myself with the event that was imprinted. It was curious to know what happened in the year when the young, twenty-five. the princess came to power. And though Sophia’s posture speaks of confidence and arrogance, but what followed after this meeting showed all her fear. The next day Pustosvyat was executed.

Perov tried not to convey his sympathies, it is noticeable from how accurately and accurately the portrait of everyone who is depicted in the picture is drawn out. You can easily read the nature of any of them. But, at the same time, the canvas pours out such emotional energy that I could not just look, move away and forget about it indifferently. Before the eyes there is already an elderly preacher who, with his own words, shook people. The incredible power of his conviction led some of his disciples with him, despite the fear of death. And those who are trying to resist him, feeling the support of the power queen behind their backs, are proud, with disdain for themselves.

The power of the picture in the exact description of events and in how subtly the painter felt the moment. It was at that time that none of the characters shown in the picture could behave in any other way. Why so impressive is this work.

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The composition of Perov’s painting “Nikita Pustosvyat.” The dispute about faith “