Painting by Repin “The Procession in the Kursk Province”

Central to the work of I. Repin is the canvas “The Procession in the Kursk Province.” The painting was written in 1880-1883. The popular theme, raised by the artist in “Burlac”, has received in its wide development.

Repin shows on the canvas a colorful procession of the procession, during which the “miracle-working” icon was carried to where, according to legend, she once appeared to the believer. But Repin does not just show a motley religious procession – he uses this plot as an opportunity to show Russian rural life and portray that huge variety of types and characters that he observed in the Russian province.

In the way the artist paints the privileged part of the procession, accusatory intonations are visible. On the faces of merchants, landowners, kulaks, petty bourgeoises is an expression of importance, of own significance, of pious piety and arrogance bordering on swagger. Nearby – ingratiating to the “masters

of life” representatives of the clergy, who in fact really have little to do with the “miraculous”. All these “elected” persons are guarded by a cordon of gendarmes and policemen.

The poor brotherhood – pilgrims, pilgrims, poor peasants – are pushed to the side of the road. At the head of the crowd are three peasants carrying a lantern. In other images representing the people, humility, submissiveness, sluggishness.

From this crowd the lame hunchback suddenly breaks out to meet the “miraculous”. Encouraged by the belief in healing, he does not notice the headman who is trying to push him with a stick. And the image of the hunchback, and many other folk images from the stream of pilgrims written by the author with great warmth and sympathy.

The painting “The Procession in the Kursk Province” is a real encyclopedia of the life of post-reform Russia. This first in Russian painting experience of the deepest artistic generalization was enthusiastically received by the progressive public of Russia.

In addition to the description of I. Repin’s painting “The Procession in the Kursk Province”, many other descriptions of paintings by various artists have been collected on our website. which can be used both in preparation for writing essays on the picture, and simply for a more complete familiarization with the works of famous masters of the past.

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Painting by Repin “The Procession in the Kursk Province”