The composition of the film Raksha “Seeing the militia”

The composition of the film Raksha “Seeing the militia”

Yuri Mikhailovich Rakshi – one of the best painters of the twentieth century. During his life, he wrote about 200 works, and the best of them is the triptych “Kulikovo Field”, which consists of the paintings “The Future”, “Sending Off the Militia” and “Blessing to the Battle.” Thanks to these pictures of him, the spectator seems to be transferred to the time machine in the 14th century, in order to experience and be imbued with those great historical events.

The second title of the film “Sending off the militia” is “Lamentations of Women” and they are in the foreground of the picture. Warriors who go to battle seem to be covered in fog, they march proudly and majestically to the war to accomplish their feat.

And their women – loved ones, mothers, sisters, children and old people stay at home. They know that their men went to certain death and escort them with tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts.

This pain and sorrow for a while united the rich and the poor, to know the peasants, the nobleman and their servants. The canvas depicts the complete unity of these unfortunate women, seeing off those they love. In the center of the picture is a pregnant woman, whose lover went to war, and without waiting for the birth of the child, she firmly presses the boy to him so that he does not go into this battle.

Next to her, exhausted, another woman, weary with emotions, fell down, she did not even have to tie a scarf to her head and only closed her eyes, praying to heaven that they would save her husband’s life. Older women are farther away, they have often escorted their men to war, so now they just wipe their tears and hope that they will return home. And then the old man yells something to the men who are going to fight, instructs them, gives advice…

All of them have got together in a heap on this sunny day, supporting each other, giving each other strength to wait for those whom they love.

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The composition of the film Raksha “Seeing the militia”