The Painting by Gerasimov “Gifts of Autumn”

Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov wrote almost three thousand paintings, among which there are portraits, landscapes, still lifes. His paintings are famous all over the world, they are an ornament of many museums.

One of these works is the still life of “Gifts of Autumn”. The picture amazes the viewer with the brightness and richness of colors. The central place in the picture is mountain ash. She was just ripped off and put in a vase on the windowsill. Red berries burn bright flames in the sun’s rays, which caress them with their warmth. The contrasting combination of the white transparent vase and the dark one further emphasizes the beauty of the rowan branches, covered with blood-red berries. Green leaves, which did not have time to recolor the autumn, are even more shaded by the red color of the rowan berries.

And next to the plate are juicy apples, sunflowers perched nearby. They are not yellow and not green, as we are accustomed to seeing them. The red light from ashberry changes such habitual objects. Now they also turned red, as if they were splashed with paint. Only black seeds persistently do not want to change their shade.

Near the sunflowers, a lonely fungus was modestly settled. And the rowan gave him a little scarlet color, which she had in abundance. So much that everything around seems reddish: both the table, and the windowsill, and the casing windows. Red light is pouring into the room.

The viewer is fascinated by rowan, from which it is simply impossible to tear off his eyes. Verily, the earth is rich in gifts. Just do not be lazy, collect what Mother Nature gives you. AM Gerasimov appreciated his native land, therefore, probably, his pictures are so attractive.

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The Painting by Gerasimov “Gifts of Autumn”