The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Song of Oleg the Wise”

Victor Mikhailovich, being an admirer of Alexander Pushkin’s creativity, decided to paint a century before the birth of his idol, which was to fully express both gratitude and admiration and the great talent of the writer. Therefore, considering that the best gift will be the creation of illustrations for the ballad of Pushkin’s “Song of the Wise Oleg.” Not stingy to the ornaments, the author took us to an era when princes still lived and reigned, there were seers at the crossroads.

One of the illustrations of Vasnetsov, “Meeting Oleg with a magician”, is drawn on such undertakings. The central images of the picture were the prince and, going to meet fate, a man. this man warns the prince of the danger besetting him, but he is full of determination and self-confidence, although in the morning there was a sign that foreshadowed trouble. Waiting for further instructions, behind Oleg’s back stands his brave and valiant army, which has more

than once been in combat and has already tempered both the spirit and the body.

From the illustrations it is clear that the words of the magician deeply touched the prince’s soul, but the one, not to show his squad of his slack, misses everything and continues his campaign. Oleg’s eyebrows are frowning, thoughts eat up, however, only ahead now is their way. Not only the prince himself, but also the squad in anticipation of what else the predictor will tell them. Everyone froze in anticipation. Exactly how the great poet in his “Song” depicted the magician, and the artist depicted it, without departing from the syllable.

Absolutely not worrying about the fact that the prince can and punish the oncoming one for such impudent speeches, the old man continues and does not hide anything. Because the prince knows that only the Most High decides who will live and who will die. Of course, one could also not pay attention to the elder and what he says, but the team together with Oleg know that the elderly are wise in their experience of life, with many prayers. And only such believers, true believers, are given the ability to see the past, the present and the future.

And in the future the prince is prepared to take his death from his horse…

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The composition of Vasnetsov’s painting “The Song of Oleg the Wise”