Composition on the proverb “Small spool, yes roads”

The Russian language is rich in various proverbs, sayings and proverbs, in a few words expressing wonderfully wise thoughts. One of them is the phrase “Small spool, yes expensive” – ​​it speaks about the value of certain things, not related to their size or value.

A spool was formerly called a small weights, with which the weight of gold and silver coins was measured. Despite the tiny size, the spool was much more necessary and expensive subject, rather than the huge and heavy weights – hence the saying went. Today it can be interpreted in a figurative sense – in this century, when material values ​​occupy such an important place, the proverb is especially relevant.

The importance of an object is not always closely related to its size. Each of us has a thing dear to the heart that we would not have agreed to sell for any money – this is our “spool”. For the rest, it may seem like a useless nonsense, but for its owner

this item is the most valuable thing.

This proverb also concerns people themselves. It happens that a very young, seemingly immature natural talent can give one hundred points ahead to a mother and an experienced professional. Physical dimensions, age, amount of experience – not always these parameters come to the fore, in nature, often there are real “spools”. Even comparison of an adult and a child with his pure and naive soul is a striking example of the meaning of the phrase “Small spool, yes expensive.”

In our time, this proverb is very relevant. The value of the spool here can be expressed both in the material and in the personal, spiritual sense. Sometimes a tiny little thing can cost a huge amount of money in comparison with a similar object many times larger in size. Much more important and interesting is the allegorical meaning of the proverb, which calls us not to judge the importance of things, people or their qualities in size, price, popularity, position in society. Sometimes something inconspicuous at first glance is more valuable and more expensive than what is at first glance striking.

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Composition on the proverb “Small spool, yes roads”