Summary “The Old Genius” Leskova

Brief summary of the first chapter

The old lady-landowner of small size went to Petersburg to deal with the “blatant deed.”

The landlord decided to help the “high-society dandy” by laying the house and giving him the money, having received a promise from the debtor to pay off with the debt in the near future. Frant belonged to one famous family name, he had the prospect of a brilliant career, and his official salary and estates were good amounts. In addition, the old lady had known this dandy’s mother before, which influenced her decision to lend him money.

Meanwhile, the debtor disappeared in Petersburg and began to play with the old woman in cat and mouse. Poor grandmother tried to repay the debt in order to buy back the house. In addition to the old woman, her daughter-invalid and granddaughter lived there. She sent letters to St. Petersburg, but there was no answer. Soon the date of the mortgage began to approach, which, in case

of non-payment, threatened the old woman to stay in the old age on the street with her daughter and granddaughter. The old woman left her daughter with her granddaughter in the care of a neighbor, and she went to Petersburg for a dandy.

Brief summary of the second chapter

Everything began very successfully: the court took her side, however, difficulties arose with the execution of the verdict. The debtor had very influential ties, which gave rise to all sorts of difficulties in repaying the debt.

The debtor had to deliver the paper, so that he signed it, but no one could do it. Everyone tried to convince my grandmother to forget about this debt, she was not alone in this situation because of him. The landlord did not reassure her, and she lamented for a long time.

She did not believe that the dandy was such a bad person, she hoped that he was only twisted, but is a good person.

Chapter Three

The old lady went to the higher authorities, where she was recommended to find him and catch him, then he could get a paper. Even an attempt to “negotiate” with representatives of

higher authorities led to nothing. However, there was a man who stated that he could deliver a court notice to a dandy for 500 rubles.

The old woman told the interviewee that her inquiries about this man were unsuccessful, even when she was talking with him personally. She tried to find out who he was and what his rank was. But I heard in response that it is better not to tell him about it. His name is Ivan Ivanovich, and he has a lot of posts, whatever he wants – this will happen. Ivan Ivanovich considered himself a genius and offered the old woman a plan of repaying money for 200 rubles and 300 rubles was going to give to the performer. The old woman did not dare immediately take advantage of the services of the collector, although she believed him. She decided to wait a little while there was an opportunity. However, soon there was no time left.

The summary of the fourth chapter

On Christmas Eve the old lady came to the collector, being very saddened. From the house came the news from a neighbor that the house was about to be put up for sale. In addition, the old woman was able to catch the debtor, but she was accused of violating the order. But the saddest news was the tomorrow’s departure of the debtor along with his lady outside the country.

These events did not leave the old woman any other way out than to turn to Ivan Ivanovich. She paid him 500 rubles, of which 150 borrowed from the author. The author believed the old woman and was sure that she would return this money to him. The next morning he found out that all his expectations were justified.

The summary of the fifth chapter

The landlord came to the narrator with a bag and a road dress. The first thing she put on the table was 150 rubles, after which she presented the author with a bank receipt of 15 000 with more. The author did not believe his eyes and wanted to know the circumstances. The old woman told him that Ivan Ivanovich and his performer, whom one could not do without, performed a beautiful plan. First, he and Ivan Ivanovich searched for this mysterious artist for a long time, having toured many places and bathhouses. They were looking for a “Serbian battler,” but the search dragged on for a long time. In the end, it was found, and in the morning the three of them went to the railway station, where the debtor intended to leave. Soon he appeared with his passion, and they began to drink tea. The Serbian warrior passed them three times, and then asked the dandy why he stared at him. Word for word and the Serbian warrior hit him three times in the face. The debtor tried to escape, but both of them were detained by the police.

A protocol was drawn up, and the debtor was given a judicial notice that could not be handed in anyway. The debtor took notice of the witnesses and, in order not to get under a written undertaking not to leave the country, was forced at the same time to pay by check all his debts together with interest.

The story ends with the author’s words that a person who has thought up such an original solution to such a difficult problem has every right to be called a genius.

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Summary “The Old Genius” Leskova