Summary “Ghost in the Engineering Castle” Leskova

The story begins in the autumn of 1860 or 1859, when General Lamnovsky, who is the chief of the engineering castle, dies. He is not liked by his subordinates and superiors. There are rumors around the district that he was associated with various evil forces. The Cadets arranged all sorts of dirty tricks for him at any opportunity. A description of one of them we put in this summary.

“Ghost in the engineering castle” contains a scene of false funerals. In it, the cadets already mentioned turn into sheets and arrange a funeral procession, holding lighted candles in their hands. The organizers of this prank have been punished. They were all caught. However, the joke is repeated on the next birthday of the general, and with it, and another funeral. This continues several times. When suddenly the general really dies.

According to custom, the cadets must shift on duty near the coffin. Going to the next part of this work. as a “Ghost in an engineering castle.”

Brief description of the events. which occurred after the death of the general. The deceased is a Lutheran. Therefore, it is decided not to bring it to the church. The coffin is left in the apartment. In the church, according to Orthodox custom, there are funeral services – morning, and also evening. They must be present at the castle in its entirety, with the exception of the duty shift. On the final evening, before the funeral occurs, the most important persons are at the funeral service.

Four Cadets stand in the guard: K-din, Z-sky, V-nov and G-ton. The first was more unloved than the others who lied for various leprosy. He was most angry that K-dyn during the last “false” funeral depicted the deceased, and also delivered a speech from his face. As a result, Lamnovsky swore that he would punish the cadet for his entire life. But now the general is not afraid of anyone. K-din abstained from pranks all year. Now he wants to puff for good. The Cadet wants to prove that the deceased is not dangerous to him. He climbs the catafalque, and then grabs the dead man’s nose. Suddenly, a sigh

follows from the coffin.

The grave muslin clings to K-din’s arm. K-din can not fight back. The Cadet falls, making horrible moans and awaiting punishment. The next sigh is heard, and the Cadets see a real ghost in the form of a gray man. FinalWe complete this brief. “Ghost in the engineering castle” describes before the reader the scene of a ghost meeting in the form of a gaunt man in white, which appears gray in the shade. Cadets from the mouth of the phantom hear a groan – he was previously attributed to the deceased general. It turns out that the wife of the deceased was received for the ghost. So we reviewed the summary. “Ghost in an engineering castle” is recognized as a classic of world literature.

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Summary “Ghost in the Engineering Castle” Leskova