Summary “Three students”

Summary of the “Student” Chekhov. Start

The narrative is conducted on the eve of the great Easter holiday. The story begins with a description of weather conditions and a dreary landscape. The weather was at first quiet and calm, but towards the night a cold wind blew through the puddles, puddles were covered with a thin crust of ice. It began to smell in the winter. Since we pass only a brief summary of the “Student” Chekhov, we will not linger on descriptions of nature.

A student of a theological academy named Ivan Velikopolsky, returning home. From the cold his fingers were numb, and his face just burned. He thought that such a sudden cold breaks order in nature. It was quiet and deserted around. He saw the lights only on widows’ gardens, which were named so because they were kept by two widows – mother and daughter. Ivan remembered how he left home. On that day, before his departure, his mother was cleaning the samovar in the passage,

and his father was lying on the stove and was coughing. It was Good Friday, so nothing was cooked in the house. It was cold and very hungry. The student thought that such colds were always: and under Rurik, and under Peter, and under Ivan the Terrible. Exactly the same poverty, ignorance and longing were then. He did not want to go home.

Chekhov. “Student”. Summary. Way home

Here he went to the kitchen gardens, and saw a fire. A widow named Vasilisa stood and looked thoughtfully at the fire. Lukerya, her daughter, was washing spoons and a cauldron. It was clear that they had just had supper. The student approached them and greeted them. He began to bask at the fire, and said that once a long time the apostle Peter had warmed himself at the fire in the same way. Ivan told the women a biblical story about Jesus and Judas. During the secret meeting, Peter told Jesus what would happen to him always and everywhere, but Jesus answered him that he would deny him even before the cock crowed the third time the next morning. But Peter did not believe it.

And when Jesus, bound, was led to the high

priest and was beaten, Peter followed him. Jesus was questioned, Peter stopped nearby to warm himself by the fire. When he was asked if he knew Jesus, he replied that he did not. Another person suggested that Peter is a disciple of Jesus, but he denied it. And then he was asked for the third time, and he again said that he did not. Right after that the cock crowed. Peter remembered the prediction of Jesus and cried.

Despite the fact that we only give a short summary, Chekhov’s “Student” is really a very small story, and its volume is not much larger than this article. But the language with which it is written, the power of the impact is worth reading in the original. However, we return to our exposition.

Vasilisa burst into tears, having heard the parable to the end. The student pondered. Lukerya tensed, and her expression became heavy. Easter was approaching. Ivan continued his journey. He began to think about why the behavior of the two widows changed after they listened to the parable.

Perhaps the narrative has something to do with them, that Peter is close to them, he thought, which means that the past is inextricably linked with the future. And the truth and beauty that reigned in the biblical garden, through a continuous chain of events passed into the present life and made up its main purpose. And suddenly he was seized with joy. When he went across the river by ferry, he looked at his village. A sense of happiness seized him and swirled in his whirlpool. He was 22 years old, and the expectation of mysterious happiness seized him, and life seemed to him wonderful and delightful.

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Summary “Three students”