Composition on the topic “The price of bread”

We are used to having bread on our table. He is the basis of our nutrition, and it is not for nothing that they say about him that he is a head to everything. It is impossible to live without it and now it seems to us that there is nothing special about bread, we are just used to it. And if you think about how much time and effort it takes to produce it? This is now a process of harvesting and manufacturing mechanized, and earlier all this was done manually. We must say thank you to those who invented machines and equipment to facilitate the process of making bread.

First, you have to sow grain to grow wheat. If the weather conditions are favorable, then the harvest will be excellent. Then you need to collect what has already grown. Previously, people did all this with their own hands and spent a lot of time and energy on it. Now this process has become much easier, people have replaced cars. However, all the same, this process requires certain labor costs.

When the wheat was harvested, it must be taken away by machines to produce, where flour is produced from it. For the production of flour, in due time, certain equipment was invented and special workshops were built. That’s when the flour is made, then you can even bake bread and much more. For baking bread, too, invented a special device, and before baked in a Russian oven. They say that before bread was much tastier than now.

How much the process of making bread has changed. These people have tried to facilitate the work of other people, because without bread we still can not live. Previously, those who were engaged in baking bread, spent a lot of effort, and therefore the bread was compared to some extent with gold. Now it’s certainly easier, but still there’s so much to do so that the bread that’s familiar to us appears on our tables. We should appreciate the work of those who give us delicious, soft and fragrant bread.

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Composition on the topic “The price of bread”