Composing music in our life

Let’s talk about the beautiful form of art – about music. Music, one way or another, plays a role in human life. Someone connected his life to this art and became a musician, someone simply listens to music on headphones while on the road to school or university. But hardly you can find such a person who would be absolutely indifferent to music. Music inspires, draws from memory all kinds of scraps of memories, tunes to work, motivates, educates the taste, raises the mood! That’s what she is! Great and enchanting power of music!

Music in my life plays one of the leading roles. Honestly, I absolutely can not imagine my life without this art. I turn to music regularly. When I feel bad and painful, I include classical compositions, and all my problems go to the background. When I need to recharge, my headphones are bursting with rock. I feel music, it passes through me from the very ends of my hair to my fingertips. Sometimes I even get creepy. I think that music is my vocation, and I want it to become my profession. For now, the biggest expectation for me is to buy my first guitar. I guess I’ve never worried so much before.

I am a music lover, that is, I like all music. All styles and directions, all performers. This is my personal drug, the same as for someone sports or alcohol.

A person encounters music from birth, and she accompanies him all his life. First we listen to my mother’s voice, singing sweet lullabies. Then, entering the world, we begin to know it, and all the variety of sounds also develops into a certain melody. For example, singing birds in the morning or knocking the wheels of a train on rails. This is also music, only everyday, already familiar for each of us. It must be able to hear…

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Composing music in our life