Songs of your own composition

To begin with, you need to decide what you want to achieve. If you just compose songs, you need to find someone who will perform it. To make the song really known, it must be sung by a popular singer or singer. Think about which of the contemporary performers the composition could approach according to the inner worldview, and then try to find contacts of the producer center, which is engaged in the promotion of this star. Organize a meeting with the producer of the musician you like and offer your song. If the composition turns out to be suitable, it will necessarily be taken to work.

If you are the author and performer of your own songs, and you want to become a famous musician, you will need to record a demo version of the song that you think is good, and then send it to the radio. In doing so, you will have to take into account the music policy of the radio station, so some broadcast stations broadcast songs only in Russian, some only ballad compositions, some only rock music.

Try to find a suitable station and send your song to her music editor.

Send your own composition can also be in one of the producer centers involved in the promotion of talented musicians. The most famous of them are the centers of Maxim Fadeev, Igor Matvienko, Konstantin Meladze (VelvetMusic) and Grigory Leps. Do not hesitate to call the organization once again and ask if your song has been listened to, since the editors usually do not answer the performers whose musical material is not suitable.

Every year in Russia a large number of music competitions are held, which can help novice performers to achieve fame and relevance. If your composition corresponds to the format of the contest, you can apply and take part in it.

And, finally, you can publish your own song in social networks, if you like it the Internet community, you can create your own page where you will communicate with your fans and promote your creativity. If you want your composition to become popular as quickly as possible, it’s best to register on a large number of sites intended for posting songs.

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Songs of your own composition