Сочинение “What is your favorite activity or hobby? Рисование”

Everyone has their own hobby. Someone is singing, someone is playing a musical instrument, and someone likes to do something with their own hands. But I’m a very versatile person and I like different things.

Nevertheless, I consider drawing as my hobby. I started painting at 10 years old. At first my pictures were noticed by my parents. They really liked how I draw and they decided to give me to art school. Hence my knowledge of the art of painting began. There are a lot of directions in drawing, but painting, for me, is the most beautiful and “alive”. Painting colors you can convey all the colors that you feel, the emotions that pass through you looking at this picture.

I believe that art can be felt. Now, parents are already proud of me, my small victories at creative competitions. I really like to please my parents, therefore, I am developing in this even more. They are my motivation and support.

Going to galleries and exhibitions is my favorite pastime. And the paintings of truly great artists are my passion.
I genuinely like to draw, and I would like to dedicate this to my whole life.

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Сочинение “What is your favorite activity or hobby? Рисование”