Profession of my parents

I always admire my parents. They like to work and spend a lot of time on work. My dad works as a welder. It can work with any metal and performs welding of any complexity. At work, everyone praises and respects him. Dad’s 6th grade, which he constantly confirms. He often goes on business trips.

The firm made him a foreign passport and was even invited to Canada for troubleshooting.
Mum works as a seamstress. She sews women’s underwear. She likes her job. She has a friendly staff. My mother already has a great work experience, she is a good specialist, who is well versed in her business.

There are many professions in our world. Every profession is important. People choose a specialty to their liking. My parents chose their future profession for a long time. My dad is the warehouse manager. Education he received, he was pedagogical. I started working at the university on a computer specialty. But, in due course to it have suggested to manage a warehouse

of autospare parts. This idea suited him.

Dad is a very valuable employee, who always has many new ideas on how to organize the work of a warehouse. He likes his profession. The warehouse is always full order. Each spare part is always in its place, and its search is not difficult. Any employee of the warehouse can easily find the necessary goods. Relations in the team are favorable for the pope. The work is based on mutual trust and respect. Dad always says that they have a single team, tuned to the result.

My mother is an accountant. Her job is to constantly calculate the numbers. She also monitors the correctness of registration of accounting documents and their availability. Mother works, requires certain knowledge, experience and education. Education at mum accounting, therefore it works on a specialty. There are several accountants in her team. She obeys the chief accountant. The chief accountant checks the work of the mother. Mom is responsible for a large amount of information. She likes her job. She says that working as an accountant is her calling.

The professions of my parents can influence the choice of my profession. I have to think carefully about my future choice. This is necessary in order to make the work enjoyable and enjoyable. It is hard to work at work, which does not give pleasure or do not like at all. My parents like their robot, which is probably why they have a good result.

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Profession of my parents