Composition spring walk

Spring is the most beautiful, affectionate and pleasant time. The first warm rays of the sun warm up and cheer up, the sonorous drops provoke a rhythmic thump, and the special spring aroma of the air can not be described in words! Especially beautiful nature in the spring in the forest – it’s so interesting to watch her wake up from the winter’s hibernation!

The first thing that is felt in the spring, even before entering the forest, is an amazing smell of freshness. The snow has not yet come to an end, but the snowdrifts have already considerably settled; here and there the first stream of thawed water can be seen. Gradually the grass will start to turn green, the trees will be covered with swollen buds, and the forest will be filled with the sweet-nosed singing of birds – they finally returned home after wintering! Forest dwellers are also awakened from frosty days: here you can see a red cap on the head of a woodpecker – it rhythmically cuts the

bark of a tree; Here a fluffy tail of a prankster-squirrel flashed through: she had already begun to change the brightly-red winter dress to a modest gray one; sometimes you can even notice a quick little rabbit, flashed among the bushes. Beasts and birds just like us, want to warm up, soak up the first warm rays.

I like most of the middle of April – at this time the spring is already fully entering into its rights, and in the forest it can be seen especially clearly. There are practically no snowdrifts – only in places there is still dense, settled, heavy and darkened snow. The spring sun was already in full swing, drying out the paths and clearings. Ringing streams murmur underfoot. On the willows, fluffy balls unfold; very soon branches will be covered with fragrant flowers and green leaves. Spring is a time of waiting, a time of hope, prosperity and awakening: in the forest, this is felt particularly acutely.

The most beautiful thing is to observe the first flowers from the melted snow. There is nothing more beautiful than this spectacle! Do not tear primroses, it is better to preserve the integrity and primordial nature. And then literally a month later on this fringe there will already be a flurry of thickets with all the colors, circling the head with a fragrant bouquet.

Walking through the spring forest – the opportunity to feel unity with nature, breathe fresh air and watch the gradual dropping of winter shackles. Spring in the forest is a time of miracles, which is so easy to see to those who can see beauty in simple things!

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Composition spring walk