Summary “Inspector General” Gogol

The governor gathers all the officials of his city and reports that he received a letter from his friend, in which he writes that an inspector is going to come to their city, and incognito. The governor gives everyone orders to put in order all the places of interest – the court, the hospital, etc. It turns out that in the court, straight in the reception of the guard, geese were planted.

The governor is afraid, as if someone has not informed him, therefore he takes the postmaster aside and asks him to carefully open the letters, read them, and then seal them again and report to him. It turns out that the postmaster has been doing this for a long time, and he even keeps those letters that he likes.

Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky break into the room and tell each other that a young man, an official named Khlestakov, stopped at a local tavern, where they had looked. He behaves strangely: he lives for two weeks, but does not pay money. Well, they concluded that this is the

auditor. 12

From the monologue of Osip we learn that Khlestakov is traveling from St. Petersburg to Saratov. On the way, he lost all his money and was left without a penny. Stuck in this tavern: there is nothing to pay, there is nothing to go by, the landlord is already in debt does not give a dinner, requires money.

When Khlestakov finds out that the governor came to him, he decides that the owner of the tavern has already managed to complain, and he is now being taken to prison. Khlestakov beforehand rehearses an angry speech, which the governor is about to say. When the door opens, Khlestakov turns pale and shrinks. At first he stutters a little, but at the end of the speech he says loudly: “I’ll really pay, I’ll be sent from the village.” He’s more guilty: he gives me beef as hard as a log, and the soup-he knows what splashed there, I should have throw it out the window. “What am I for.”

The governor takes it personally, apologizes, says that he always has fresh beef on the market. It offers to move to a more comfortable apartment. Khlestakov takes this

for a hint at the prison, threatens that he will complain to the minister.

When the governor finds out that Khlestakov needs money, he offers loans, but instead of two hundred rubles he gives out four hundred. Khlestakov somewhat calms down. The governor again starts a conversation about another apartment, he offers Khlestakov to move to him. He agrees.

Before taking a room in the house of the governor, Khlestakov examines the places of attendance at the request of the governor, although a little surprised why he needs it. “And so, take a look, what is our current state of affairs, what order,” the city-mayor responds to the city.

When inspecting the hospital, Artemiy Filippovich, when asked by Khlestakov why there are so few patients, answers: “Since I took the authorities – it may seem incredible to you – everyone, like flies, is recovering.” The patient will not have time to enter the infirmary, as it is already healthy – and not so much by medications, as by honesty and order. “

Khlestakov was somewhat bored with this inspection, and he asked if there were any entertainments, societies where one could play cards. The governor with fear assures, that in a life at them such was not. Luka Lukic throws a cue to the side: “And I, a scoundrel, won a hundred rubles yesterday.”

They come to the house of the mayor. The governor introduces Khlestakov with his wife and daughter to be extradited. They begin to question their guest about how he lives. Khlestakov, realizing that he was mistaken for some high-ranking official, begins to lie arrogantly, says that everyone in the capital knows absolutely everything that he is dining with the minister, that he is “with Pushkin on a friendly foot”, that his pen belongs to him “The Marriage of Figaro” and other famous works, that the dinner is brought to him directly from Paris, and once he was even asked to direct the department. After his story, everyone was numb, they did not even know how to address him. The governor barely pronounces: “Va-va-va. Stravka, excellency, will you order me to rest?”

At the time when Khlestakov is sleeping, everyone in the house is on tiptoe. Officials decide to slip Khlestakovuvzyatku and send for this purpose Amos Fedorovich, since he speaks the language, he has “no word, then Cicero flew from the tongue.” During the conversation Amos Fedorovich accidentally drops money. Khlestakov raises and asks to be lent to him. Next to him comes the postmaster, who also borrows Khlestakov. Artemy Filippovich informs on all his colleagues, talks about the real state of things. Khlestakov also borrowed from him.

Left alone, Khlestakov decides to write about all this Trjapichkinu – a friend journalist, so he placed an article in his newspaper. Khlestakov tells in a letter about everything that happened to him.

Khlestakov hears a noise, merchants come to him with a complaint about the governor, they say that there is no life from his oppression. Khlestakov listens attentively, promises to help.

A scene in the living room. Khlestakov and Marya Antonovna are sitting side by side. Khlestakov moves the chair closer, she pushes her, and so several times. Suddenly he kisses her on the shoulder. She rises indignantly, makes an insulted look. He falls to his knees, says that this is all from the love of her. At this time Anna Andreevna enters, finds such a scene. Asks to explain what is happening here, expelled daughter. Khlestakov notes that the mother is not bad, rushes to her knees in front of her, and is also explained to her in love. At this time, Marya Antonovna enters, she sees this scene, tears welling in her eyes. Khlestakov rushes to her, asks her hands.

Everyone will know that a wedding is planned. Khlestakov said that he had to go for a day to his uncle and leave.

The governor summons merchants to him, announces to them that Khlestakov will soon be his son-in-law, and because they complained about him, he will fly. Merchants ask forgiveness from the governor.

A postmaster appears with the news that Khlestakov is not at all an inspector. He read the letter that he sent to Tryapichkin. The governor is horrified: “I have lived in the service for thirty years, no merchant or contractor could have held, scammers, scammers and rogues who were ready to rob all the world and fool around.” He deceived the three governors. “

A gendarme enters and demands a governor to an official who has just come from Petersburg. Silent scene.

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Summary “Inspector General” Gogol