Painting Serov “Portrait of the artist Levitan”

Serov wrote many portraits of famous personalities of the time.
For each, he chose the situation and a certain position.
The artist does not have similar paintings, he treated his every posing person in his own way.
He was able to convey the inner world and the mood of man with the help of canvas and paints.

Levitan was an artist, although you can not tell from his portrait.
Serov painted a portrait in the studio of the depicted artist.
At the same time, the painting has no colors, no brushes, no pictures written by Levitan.
This portrait is made in brown and gray tones, even to some extent gloomy and sad.
The person in the picture is the same as the situation around him: sad, sad, tired of life.
There is no joy in his eyes, they are filled with longing.
Such a feeling that Levitan was fed up with everything, and he was tired of everything, and posed agreed to despair.

His thin hand wearily lies on the back

of the chair.
It’s as if when Serov asked Levitan to pose for him, Levitan simply sat down on the first chair he had found and that was all.
His swarthy face expresses such indifference, that it seems as if he does not care at all about what is going on around him.
Perhaps the person portrayed in the portrait had a calm, sad temper.
Maybe something happened to him or he was disappointed in life.

Levitan has a beautiful face with the right features, framed by a thick beard and mustache.
From the black eyebrows look sad, wise and expressive eyes.
Despite all the sadness, the person is spiritualized by beauty.
The artist is depicted in a portrait in a black suit and white shirt.
This strict suit further emphasizes the longing and sadness of Levitan.
It seems that even the whole workshop is made to suit the mood of the painter.
Dark tones further emphasize the sadness and indifference of the person portrayed in the portrait.

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Painting Serov “Portrait of the artist Levitan”