Painting Manet “Breakfast on the grass”

“Breakfast on the grass” – a picture of the great French artist-impressionist Edward Manet (1832-1883). The original title of the painting is “Bathing”. The picture became really scandalous and was subjected to great criticism, but now occupies an honorable place among the masterpieces of world painting.

The picture “Breakfast on the grass” was written in 1863. Canvas, oil. 208 × 264.5 cm. Currently located in the Museum of Orsay, Paris. The picture shows a nude woman in a company with two dressed men. As a model for a nude woman posed artist Quiz Meran (1844-1927). The two men are the brother of Manet Gustav and brother-in-law Mane Ferdinand Lehenhoff. Both men are dressed very fashionably and they do not notice the woman completely at all. In the foreground is a basket of fruit. In the background, Manet portrayed a woman in light clothes who was washing in the river. The woman in the background is disproportionately large. Due to the

fact that the figures on the front and back do not correspond to the perspective rules, the depth effect is lost. Moreover, the light that falls on the figures creates the feeling that the whole scene is not going on in nature,

Edward Manet tried to expose his painting “Breakfast on the grass” in the Paris Salon. After stormy criticism and discontent of experts and the public, the picture, along with many others, was exhibited in the Salon of the Les Miserables. Edward Manet was accused of decadence and bad taste. This picture, as well as the paintings of many artists-innovators of the time, shows how sharply the artists wanted to break with academism and give the world a new art that is not based on precise schemes and laws of painting, but on the feelings and emotions of the artist.

For the basis of the composition with three figures, Eduard Manet took a fragment from the well-known engraving of Marcantonio Raimondi “Court of Paris”. On the engraving, three similar figures with a woman who looks at the viewer, and two men next to her, are in the lower right.

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Painting Manet “Breakfast on the grass”