Biography Chris Evert

Biography Chris Evert

Chris Evert – tennis player, was born on December 21, 1951 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most known as the champion of the 70’s under the nickname “Snow Girl”. At birth in the biography of Chris Evert, the name was Christine Maria Evert.

Chris Evert was a champion in women’s tennis from 1974 to 1986. The sportswoman became famous also due to her composure during the game, the strongest blow to the left. Chris grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, playing tennis with her father.

When Evert was 15 years old, she became famous after her victory over one of the most recognized tennis players – Margaret Court. The following year, Chris entered the semifinal of the US Championship, but lost to Billy Jean King. However, the skill of Chris, as well

as her maturity as tennis players have made Evert the favorite of the audience. Due to her calm behavior on the court, the sportswoman had the nicknames “Snow Girl”, “Snow Princess”. The natural charm of Chris helped to gain popularity on the pages of sports magazines.

Two years the athlete met with the champion in tennis Jimmy Connors, which only increased her popularity. Throughout the 1970s, Chris was one of the dominant players. Her charisma, an exciting rivalry with Martina Navratilova helped draw attention to women’s tennis.

After leaving the sport in 1989, Chris sometimes makes comments for NBC television. For her biography, Chris Evert won 157 titles in singles, 8 titles in doubles. In addition, the athlete was awarded 18 titles at the Grand Slam competitions, seven times won the French championship, six times the US championship, three Wimbledon competitions, as well as twice the Australian championship.

Additional information: Chris keeps the record for the number of consecutive victories on the court with a clay coat. This series of wins was interrupted in 1979, when Evert lost the game to Tracy Austin.

In 1979, Chris married John Lloyd, having started to compete as Chris Evert Lloyd. In 1987, the spouses dissolved the marriage. In 1988, Chris married for the second time, now for the Olympic skiing champion Andy Mill, divorced him in 2006. Three sons were born in the family. In 2008, Evert married a golfer Greg Norman. A little later in his interview with “Vogue” magazine Chris said that there was a business relationship between her and Norman, while everyone was paired with the previous companion.

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Biography Chris Evert