Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Birch Grove”

The skill of AI Kuindzhi convey the accuracy of what he saw, it amazes. Thinly noting the game of light, as it is displayed on objects, lies on the grass, shines in the bright sky, the artist animated each his canvas, as if he inhaled the soul in them. Such talent expanded the possibilities to retell with the help of a brush and canvas of history, which he had observed.

In his painting “Birch Grove”, the painter narrates about a small grove of thin white trees that stands on the edge of the forest. Do not see their drooping branches, only the trunks of birches in the foreground. These trees, like girlfriends, are divided into small groups, as if they have something to tell each other, and quietly whisper. In this they are helped by a barely perceptible gentle breeze that is entangled in the branches, and now it is forced to disturb them to fly on and have fun.

Witnesses of this scene are trees that gathered in a green crowd and watch the pranks of mischievous people: wind and sunlight. If the first fleetingly touched in his game of slender birches, the morning rays were played out in earnest. They are rapidly conquering more and more new territories by the shadow, driving it away. There is already not a single cloud in the sky that would have sheltered the unhappy shadow. Soon the green grass will surrender. Then the sunny rabbits will gallop on it, running in different directions.

I love such landscapes from which the mood rises. Everything here breathes positive. You can even dream about what happened, and what will happen soon. Thoughts are like a small stream in the picture, they flow quietly and calmly, they run away into the distance.

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Composition on Kuindzhi’s painting “Birch Grove”