Drama “To kill a dog in order to reason with her husband” in a short summary

Drama “To kill a dog in order to reason with her husband” in a short summary

On the birthday of merchant Sun Zhong, only two of his soul mates are to come, two scoundrels – Liu Longqing and Hu Jijun. The wife, who has covered the festive table, reproaches her husband with bitterness that the younger brother, Sun Chuner, is not invited. He was excommunicated from the house by the slander of two whores, he lives in an abandoned pottery.

Sun Younger has no money for a gift. But he can not not congratulate his older brother, and he has to go empty-handed. For this, he first meets him with reproaches, and then beats him.

The next day is a day of remembrance. Sun family is going to visit the family cemetery. For the company, Sun Zhong invites sholopai friends. Not waiting for his younger brother, he performs a sacrificial rite. His wife is very unhappy

that her husband breaks the tradition, prefers strangers close kin, When the younger Sun comes, the elder again starts to scold him for nothing. Friends know poke him. And again he pokes his brother.

Sun Rong continues to drink with two scoundrels. He’s already pretty drunk. The friends whisper that the younger one, to his death, performs a ritual. Sun Rong bursts out with gross abuse, and drinking companions take him home from the cemetery.

The next day the trio continues drinking, but already in the tavern. Sun gets drunk drunk, he is dragged out into the street, where he falls to the ground and falls asleep. The blizzard begins. Shallots are afraid of night watchmen, and do not want to bother with a drunkard. They decide to throw it in the frost, they look around before leaving and take away five bars of silver that were with him.

At this time, the youngest Sun returns to his pottery on the night street, who tried to earn several coins by correspondence. He stumbles upon his sleeping brother. Immediately understands that he was drinking with friends who simply abandoned him. He takes the eldest on his back and brings him home. The wife of her brother, who is stationed to him, feeds him and promises to protect her husband from attacks. Sun Rong comes to himself, discovers the loss of money and immediately

gets to blame Sun Jr., and then throws out of the house, forcing him to stand in the courtyard on his knees. Brother almost freezes.

The next day, the crooks were as if nothing had happened to Sun’s house. They assure that they brought the drunk patron to the house and only then they entrusted the care of his younger brother, who only had to bring him into the house and put him to bed. Sun Rong believes them unconditionally.

His wife, Yang Maysiang, who had vainly tried to bring two rascals to clean water, was planning a clever plan. She buys a dog from a neighbor, kills her, then pulls on her clothes, pulls on her hat and throws it at the back gate. Meanwhile, the trio, again properly drinking, returns home. At the gate, Sun says goodbye to his friends. Those leave. The main gate is locked, and at the rear it stumbles upon a corpse. Spyanu deciding that it was killed, he rushes to his wife for advice. If you do not secretly bury the body, the neighbors will certainly be brought to justice, and there they will start torturing…

My wife tells me to seek help from loyal friends. As she assumes, those who know what’s wrong are locked in fear in their homes. But Sun Jr. agrees, although after all the insults and beatings could have refused. He carries away the corpse, marveling at the reason why the deceased man carries the dog so. Sun Rong is subdued by the nobility of his brother. Sun’u-junior is instructed to look after the mortgage shop. The fellow scoundrels, who realized that friendship is now apart, and do not drink more wine on Dar-Sham, blackmail Sun Rong, accusing him of murder and demanding money for silence. He is ready to yield to the bastards, but the younger dissuades him. He takes the blame on himself, is ready and before the court to justify himself from the scrawled accusation. However, the judge willingly believes the slanderers. He must open his wife and present the murdered dog to the court. Scoundrels are exposed. They are sentenced to ninety strokes with sticks each.

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Drama “To kill a dog in order to reason with her husband” in a short summary