Painting by Serov “Mika Morozov”

Valentin Serov wrote many paintings in various genres. But he became famous due to children’s portraits, on which he not only skillfully painted the appearance of children, but also could display there the features of their character. That is why the children on Valentin Alexandrovich’s canvas look, so vividly and directly.

One of the best portraits of the artist is rightly considered the painting “Mika Morozov”, which depicts a four-year-old son of one of the Russian patrons. In this portrait the child sits on a large armchair, holds on to the railing and closely monitors what the artist is doing. On his snow-white nightgown it is clear that the boy has just woken up, he is still sleepy, but the strange actions of an unfamiliar man excite Miku and rivet his enthusiastic and surprised look to himself.

The curly red hair of the boy is disheveled and resembles a small fire – alive, energetic, giving warmth and comfort to everyone who is next to him. Mika’s cheeks were flushed with pleasure, he likes that he is so closely watched. But the boy’s lively character does not allow him to sit still, but in this chair he resembles a small fire-bird imprisoned in a cage, which wants to flit out of it and fly about its business. That is why the mouth of the child is slightly ajar, he as if wants to ask the artist what he does and how much he still needs to sit like that in front of him.

The entire portrait of Miki Morozov is made in contrast. The boy’s head seems very large in comparison with the slender body, and the white attire of the boy contrasts strongly with the dark background of the walls and armchair. All this allowed the artist to brightly shade the innocence, youth and childish beauty of the boy, as well as add a picture of naturalness and liveliness, which so touch and delight the audience.

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Painting by Serov “Mika Morozov”