The Painting Khrutsky “Flowers and Fruits”

“Still Life” is a French word, literally it means “dead nature”, but it is more true when they speak of such a genre as a “quiet life of things”, because in every such picture one can feel the presence of a person, and objects bear the warmth of him hands. Before starting to write a still-life, the artist carefully selects all the necessary and, according to his own taste, arranges, that is, arranges the composition.

In the center of I. Khrutsky’s painting “Flowers and Fruits” – a high vase with flowers. Basket with peaches, pumpkin, pears, grapes balances a lush bouquet. The artist could shift the vase to the left or to the right, and leave a void in the center. But then the mood of the still life would be lost, there would be a sense of alarm.

Khrutsky’s painting is an image of abundance, beauty, generous gifts of nature, therefore everything is stable and harmonious in it. The painter tells about each

subject in detail. They are written in such a way that the artist makes us admire the transparent fragility of glass, the water in a glass – cold, clean and transparent, ripe fruits. The pumpkin is large, rough and bumpy, it would be difficult to hold it in your hands. A twig of amber grapes with bones flashing from the inside seems to be so easy that if you lift it by the dry tail, you will not feel the weight.

Khrutsky not only makes it possible to feel the weight of objects, but also perfectly conveys their texture. The lemon has a porous peel, and next to it – a glossy apple, peaches matte, velvety, the marble of the table is cold and smooth, the basket is rough… Still life causes even taste sensations: lemon and currant sour, pears and peaches juicy and sweet.

The painting miraculously collected flowers and fruits of summer and autumn: peonies bloom in June, grapes ripen in September, pumpkin – in October. The still life tells about a steady and unhurried flow of life itself. (258 words)

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The Painting Khrutsky “Flowers and Fruits”