Painting by Monet “Bar in Foley Berger”

The painting “The Bar in the Folies-Berger” (1882) by the famous French artist Edouard Monet is his last work. Feeling a speedy end and not having the physical ability to draw normally, he put most of his soul into this work.

The artist sketched for this painting, being in the really existing “Foley – Berger”, which had a good reputation among the French public of that time. Askers for him were the familiar girl Suzon, working at the bar, and his friend, the artist, developing military themes, Henri Dupre, the Painting changed several times – initially the barmaid and the man were supposed to talk while in the foreground of the picture, but later the author decided that this scene lacks meaningfulness and rewrote this one already omy us the story.

The picture is impressive with lots of details presented on a multi-level background. Monet decided to show numerous visitors to the bar in an interesting way: instead of the usual image, he

submits their images, passed through the prism of the mirror hanging on the wall in the bar.

The first plan is taken by a young girl standing behind a bar counter and reflectively reflecting on her own affairs. With this painting, Monet tried to visually embody a feeling of great loneliness, surrounded by drinking, eating – walking people.

Doubts about the unsteadiness and unreality of what happens on the canvas come after careful consideration of the details: the reflection of bottles on the bar and the girl herself, looking straight ahead, does not correspond to what it should be.

It is the mirror, guilty of distorting the story told by the author, that makes this painting with the paintings of Velasquez and van Eyck.

Manet finished this picture, already bedridden, and despite the obvious inaccuracies that accompany the perception of this canvas, she is a crystal clear quintessence of his creativity and worldview, turned to impressionism. One random moment, sealed with the brush of a great artist, turned immortal work. capable of conveying the trembling of life.

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Painting by Monet “Bar in Foley Berger”