Painting by Kustodiev “On the Terrace”

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev is a talented artist, striking the viewer with his simple at first glance plots. His paintings show simple everyday moments from people’s lives, including his own. The painting “On the Terrace” shows the artist drinking tea in the circle of his people.

A beautiful summer day. On the terrace of the summer cottage there is a group of people drinking tea. We clearly see the author himself and his family, as well as his sister’s family. He quietly sits at the table, scratching his beard and talking with his wife’s husband. He sits opposite the author. One of the women finishes the tea, and the other plays with the children. They obviously already ate and want to go play, since the conversations are completely uninteresting to them.

All women, including daughters, are dressed in beautiful lush dresses. On men and the boy light shirts and trousers. The whole atmosphere is saturated with love and care. The house is, most likely, in the forest. The backdrop reveals dense thickets with blond birches. The house itself is built of thick logs. According to their color and the color of the wooden furniture, it seems that all this was done quite recently. Perhaps this is the first tea party in the new house.

The table is covered with a snow-white tablecloth. His headpiece is a golden-shiny samovar, standing near the artist. Also cups and saucers, from which tea is very festive. On the table there is a large bowl with apples and biscuits.

The picture shows the usual family atmosphere, but it is so sincere and soaked with love that everyone dreams of a tea party on the terrace of his wooden house. The author showed a beautiful moment from his life.

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Painting by Kustodiev “On the Terrace”