Painting by Kozlovsky “Still Life”

Ivan Ivanovich Kozlovsky – the famous n artist of the nineteenth century. He created many remarkable works, among which are still known still-lifes. One of the paintings is called “Still Life”. You can also find another name for this work – “Still Life with Pumpkin, Fruits and Flowers”. This work was created in the year eighteen and fifty-eight.

In the picture is really drawn a pumpkin, fruits and flowers. They lie on a beautiful table with a carved table top. There are a lot of fruits. Here, and grapes, and red currants, and plums, white and black, and peaches. A real abundance. Among all this splendor reigns the pumpkin. It is notched, and therefore the flesh is clearly visible, yellow, juicy, bright.

Next to the pumpkin is a vase. And it has white roses, so tender and beautiful. There are other flowers in the vase. But first of all, roses are conspicuous. The artist painted each petal, filling it with bright sunlight. Fruit and pumpkin

also sparkle in the sun.

Huge brushes of grapes, white and blue, close and part of the pumpkin, because one bunch fit right on it, and peaches. Each berry glows and beckons to eat it. It can be seen that the fruit is broken recently. Leaflets have not withered on the branches yet. Peaches set their orange flanks to the sun. The black plum glows as if it had just been polished. And through the juicy pulp of a white plum, it seems, even the bone is shining – so bright sunlight falls on the fruit.

It seems that the sun, wandering around the room, snatched this table out of the darkness, admired the picture opened and forgot that it is necessary to shine everywhere. Only flowers, a pumpkin, the same color as the sun, and beautiful fruits exist in this world. The rest is shrouded in darkness. From the fact that the fruity-pumpkin-floral abundance is drawn against the background of a dark wall, their color seems even brighter, more saturated.

II Kozlovsky so lovingly prescribed each leaf, every berry, that there is no doubt that he himself admires the picture that he opened. He is attracted by the richness of colors, the juiciness and freshness of the objects placed on the table. Summer with bright and warm sun, tasty vegetables and fruits gives a person joy not only from saturation, but also from contemplation of the beauty of the surrounding world.

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Painting by Kozlovsky “Still Life”