Summary of the “Cup” of Zhukovsky

One lord offered his knights to perform the feat – to jump from the mountain behind the royal cup. Candidates were not given special conditions, their courage could be tried both by a noble warrior and a simple soldier. The main thing is that the cup thrown by the king was found with a sea depth. He who takes out the vessel will receive it as a reward. Having voiced the conditions, the tsar threw a goblet from the mountain to the sea and waited for the brave man, ready to perform the feat. But neither the knight nor the military man dared to jump into the abyss. Suddenly a young page appeared from the crowd. He silently began to undress and prepare to jump. Surrounding men and women were surprised by the determination of the young man.

The young page stood on the edge of the rock and began to look at the terrible sea depths. The blows of the waves resembled a fire that flooded with water, the sea bubbled and uplifted. The young man turned to his god-patron for help and jumped

off the cliff. The whole people cried out in one voice. The sea was quiet and the noise began to grow quiet, and the audience sadly asked for his forgiveness. One witness of this sad scene thought that even the king would throw his golden crown with the promise to reward the brave throne, then this did not attract him to the leap. After all, no one alive has come out of this abyss. Even the ships here crashed, only the chips popped up.

At this time, a sound like a roar of thunder was heard from the depths, a hissing foam rose on the waves. From the abyss, a stream of water burst from a thunderous thunder, among which someone noticed something white. The audience began to look closely and noticed the hand and shoulder of the young man. The young page actively fought with the waves. The crowd was stirred by a cry of joy, for the young man swam only with his left hand, because in his right hand held the royal cup. He was breathing hard and breathing for a long time. The young man was glad to see God’s light. The people rejoiced that the young page survived and performed a courageous feat, having managed to

escape unscathed from the deadly abyss. On reaching shore, the young man knelt before the king under the joyful greetings of the people and presented him with a cup.

Vladyka ordered his daughter to award a courageous page with a cup of wine. The young man said a laudatory speech to the sovereign, for which he was not afraid to jump from the cliff. The page began to tell how it was flying down, and then the stream flowing from the crack in the stone tightened it into a whirlpool. He sank deeper and desperately appealed to God. The young man grabbed the cliff, and in the coral he noticed the goblet. At depths, he examined the terrible pictures in the dark that threatened him with death. A monster began to go towards the young man, but the tide threw the page on the shore in time. After the story, the king promised the brave man to the goblet also a ring with a diamond, if he again repeat the feat and still tell stories about sea monsters.

The princess begged her father to refuse such an offer, but the tsar remained adamant and again threw the vessel into the sea, promising in addition to give his daughter to his wife. The young man threw himself into the sea. The abyss subsided for a while, and then continued its noise. The young page this time could not get out of the depths.

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Summary of the “Cup” of Zhukovsky