Composition on “Student Life”

Student life is filled with romance and carelessness. On the one hand, you are already quite an adult and independent person, you can make your own decisions, and on the other, there is still no family, work and responsibility. The only thing that is required of you is to study well, pass tests and exams in time, so that there are no “tails”, receive a scholarship and enjoy life.

I, as a fifth-year student, can confidently say that the student years were the best in my life. There is a special atmosphere in the student environment. Despite the fact that we have a lot to teach and we need to put a lot of work and time to avoid slipping into school, we still always found time for fun, noisy gatherings, guitar songs, hikes. It always charges with positive and energy. We often went to couples after sleepless nights, and this did not bother us at all.

I like to look at freshmen at the beginning of the school year. Their eyes are filled at the same time with the joy

of changing the status of the schoolboy, the expectation of great achievements, and the fear of the unknown. But they have nothing to fear. In our university there are excellent teachers, and if the children make efforts and patience, the student life will bring them a lot of joys.

I remember when I was a freshman myself. Everything seemed so big and strange, but the soul was warmed by a sense of novelty. Now the local way has become for me a native and I think with sad sadness that it is not very long to learn, we will soon leave these walls, others will come to our place. But this is the law of life, you have to accept it as it is.

These years will remain forever not only in my memory, but also in my soul. I will remember with gratitude my teachers, even those who were strict with me. Of course, not everyone goes to college, choosing a different path. But this is an invaluable experience and a significant part of life. And if they gave me the opportunity to choose again, I would repeat everything.

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Composition on “Student Life”