Summary “Blue Carbuncle” by Doyle

On Christmas Eve, in one of the London hotels there was a theft. Countess Morcar was robbed of a valuable stone – a blue carbuncle, one of the most expensive diamonds in the world. Suspicion fell on solderer John Horner, previously convicted of theft, which repaired the Countess’s room with a fireplace grate. The testimony against him was given by the hotel employee James Ryder and the countess maid. The solderer declared that he had not been involved in the theft.

Meanwhile, in one of the streets of London there is a fight – hooligans attacked an elderly man. Passing by the messenger Peterson decided to protect the passerby. Fleeing, the man fled, having lost the Christmas goose, which he carried and his hat. On the paw of the bird, a card with a name was affixed and Peterson brings finds to Sherlock Holmes to find the owner. Goose Peterson fried for dinner, and in return brought another.

Studying the hat, the great detective made a picture of the passerby.

A middle-aged man named Henry Baker, once a man with means, now his affairs are shaken. He leads a sedentary lifestyle, lost his wife’s disposition, became addicted to drunkenness.

Peterson’s messenger flies into the apartment on Baker Street. When the goose was undressed, the cook found a stolen blue carbuncle in his goiter.

Mr. Henry Baker, who came on the announcement, confirms the conclusions of the great detective about him. Asking him a few questions about the goose, Sherlock Holmes is convinced that the visitor has no idea about the diamond. Mr. Baker reports that he is a regular at a tavern, whose owner was founded by a goose club. Paying several pence a week, club members receive a goose for Christmas.

The great detective goes to the specified tavern in hot pursuit. There he learns the address of the goose trader. Innocent questions about the bird lead the merchant into a frenzy, but nevertheless he informs the address of some Mrs. Okkshot, who supplies him with the goods.

Going out into the street, Holmes and Watson hear a noise and see a merchant expelling a little

red-faced little man from the shop, who is trying to find out who the geese bought from Mrs. Okkshot were selling to. Sherlock Holmes leads the man to his house, finding out on the road that his name is James Ryder.

On Baker Street, the great detective sought recognition from the visitor that he had broken the grille with the chambermaid and sent Horner to fix it. Having stolen a stone, James came to his sister, Mrs. Okshot, who promised him a goose gift. James went to the bird’s yard and thrust a huge goose into his throat. But the goose broke out of his hands and mixed with the herd. Taking away his gift, James confused the geese.

Frightened that Sherlock Holmes will give it to the police, Ryder promises not to testify against Horner and go abroad. In this case, the placer will be cleared for lack of evidence. James Ryder is so scared that he is unlikely to repeat something like that. And if we take into account the partridge prepared for dinner, the great detective proposes to check the insides of the bird.

Gisselle Adan recounted

Another case of Sherlock Holmes. In the London hotel, Countess Morcar was stolen one of the most expensive diamonds in the world – blue carbuncle. Under the suspicion of committing this crime came solderer John Horner. He repaired the room with a fireplace grate and was previously convicted of theft. Horner denied his involvement in the theft, but the countess maid Morcar and the hotel employee, James Ryder, testified against him.

While the hotel continues to disassemble, on one of the streets of London began a scuffle. An elderly man was attacked by hooligans. Protect the passerby decided messenger Peterson, passing by the fighting. The victim ran away, throwing his hat in the street and the Christmas goose, on the foot of which was a card with a name. The messenger wants to find the owner and brings the goose and hat to Sherlock Holmes. Found a goose Peterson fried, and the detective brought another.

Having studied the hat, Holmes comes to the conclusion that Henry Baker, this name was on the card, a middle-aged man, was once wealthy, but his financial situation worsened. He lost his wife’s disposition, began to drink and leads a sedentary lifestyle.

Peterson flies into Sherlock Holmes’ apartment on Baker Street. The cook found a stolen blue carbuncle in the goiter’s goiter.

Sherlock made the announcement, and on it came Henry Baker, who confirmed all previously made conclusions about him. Mr. Baker does not know anything about the diamond. Goose he received as a gift for Christmas in the so-called “goose club.” It was founded by the owner of the inn, in which Baker often happens. Club members pay a few pence a week and get a goose by Christmas.

Going to the designated tavern, Sherlock finds out that a certain Mrs. Okshot supplies geese. Holmes and Watson leave the tavern, go out into the street and see a trader exposing a man trying to find out who the geese of Mrs. Okkshot were selling to. The detective leads the person to his home and on the way finds out that his name is James Ryder.

James admits that he stole the carbuncle. They, together with the maid, deliberately broke the grate and asked Horner to fix it. With the stolen diamond, James Ryder came to his sister, Mrs. Okkshot, who promised to give him a goose. Entering the bird’s yard, he stuck a stone in the throat of a huge goose, but then the bird burst out of his hands and mixed with the others. When James took his gift, he confused the geese.

In exchange for Holmes’s promise not to hand him over to the police, James swears not to testify against the solderer and leave the city. Then Horner will be removed all charges.

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Summary “Blue Carbuncle” by Doyle