Painting Baksheev “Blue Spring”

And on reading I was preparing here is such an essay on the theme “What do you feel if you get into the picture Baksheev” Blue Spring. “

I went once to the picture gallery and saw there a picture of VN Baksheev “Blue Spring”. I really liked her. I sat down in front of her on the bench and began to admire.

Painting by Vasily Nikolaevich Baksheyev “The Blue Spring”.

Then I closed my eyes and began to imagine, as if I was walking along that birch grove that is pictured in the picture. And I did not notice how I fell asleep. And now I dream that I am in this grove: the birches stand quite bare, there are leaves on the ground, puddles are here and there, but the snow has already melted. I walk through the forest, I breathe fresh air, and the sun shines so brightly that the birches seem white.

Suddenly out of nowhere appeared squirrel. She looked at me with her beady eyes, and I wanted to treat her to something. Then I felt that something was in my pocket. It was a bag of seeds, nuts and a slice of fresh fat. I gave the squirrel some nuts and went on. There were a lot of tits on the hazel bush. I also wanted to feed them. I hung a lard on a twig and poured some sunflower seeds.

Cheerfully tits tits, as if to say “Thank you” for the meal. I go further, I admire the blue sky, I dream about the imminent summer and suddenly as I stumble on the old snag. This ended my walk. I found myself again on the bench in the picture gallery.

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Painting Baksheev “Blue Spring”