My Teacher

“School years are wonderful,” is sung in the song. Yes, it’s really a happy, carefree time. But the school years are fine and that from day to day, from year to year, with us patient, caring people are our teachers. Many teachers of our school I respect and love. But I treat the class teacher Tatiana Alexandrovna in a special way. I can say with confidence that all of us were lucky with our second mother, because we are “her children” and she loves us.

Tatyana Alexandrovna is an extraordinary person. She is kind, sincere, fair. She gives all the warmth of her soul to us, her children. With Tatiana Alexandrovna you can talk on any topic: therefore, in the classroom we have an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. Once I, being afraid to take responsibility for my deed, justifying myself, composed a fable. I remember how I was ashamed to look into the eyes of the class teacher, when the truth Tatyana Alexandrovna still found out. It was doubly

doubly embarrassing, because the teacher trusted and sympathized with me, and I just lied. Since then, I’ve made it a point to never deceive Tatyana Alexandrovna.

I believe that a real teacher is a person who not only has deep knowledge, but also knows how to communicate with children, educates them honest, hardworking, kind, fair.

In each of us Tatyana Alexandrovna sees a person. “The ignoramus does not live, but it withers like a bird in a cage.” Knowledge changes us even physically. ” It teaches us to be courageous, not to be frightened of life’s difficulties, to have a sense of dignity, to teach us to live. I will always remember the words that Tatiana Alexandrovna likes to repeat: “Evil is a boomerang”; “You want to be respected, respected by others.”

We are not angels, we can be rude and say insulting words. But what always strikes me in Tatiana Alexandrovna is the ability to forgive, to be patient and patient. I often asked myself the question: how does Tatyana Alexandrovna manage everything? The whole day she is with us, and can still stay in school until late in the evening, if some school problems remained unsolved. But she has a family, her children. Why does she sacrifice time that she could devote to her family? The answer is one: there is something uncommon in it. What distinguishes the teacher from the capital letter from everyone else.

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My Teacher