The whole world is a theater and the people in it are actors

The world is a theater. And who is in it? – that is the question. Even in the time of the World Flood, Noah in his ark collected each creature in pairs. What for? After all, not without reason. Hence, every creature, including a human being, has his own place in this cruel world, to which he will either walk hard, himself, or float to him on the little boat of fate. In the question of the theater, it should be noted that theater without spectators is not a theater, but without actors – and even more so. Every person has the ability to make his choice: either a place in the gallery, or on the stage.

However, we can not fail to take into account the role of fate in this choice. A certain set of circumstances in one way or another affects events in a person’s life, which, in turn, affect the place of the person in the life-theater. If a person is on the stage, it does not mean that he is an actor. It can be a prompter, installer of scenery, a lighting fixture somehow

in a pinch. It turns out that the presence of a person on the stage does not yet mean his elevation to the rank of an actor. Viewer. He does not take part in the actions on stage. He only sees what is happening, experiencing or empathizing. But the viewer remains himself, he does not need to wear a mask of this or that hero. It is rare to see a strained smile or a squeezed tear. Everyone knows that the theater begins with a hanger. Cloakroom attendants are another category of people in the theater. He walks with a proud walk, drags heavy coats of spectators in the winter, and in summer misses. Such is his work.

There are a lot of such in the theater: a cleaner, a ticket controller, a seller in a cafe are secondary persons. To stage a performance, one must have a script. Writer. Without it, not do. His work plays a major role in the theater. Thanks to him, the actor has a role, the cloakroom – work, the spectator – an occasion to go to the theater. But few people see the writer, he rarely walks on the street, does not enjoy popularity, “star fever”, as an actor, is not sick. If we consider

the world as a theater and ourselves in this world, then I would not want to be a writer, because only God can write a script of someone’s life; nor the author, because hypocrisy in all its manifestations serves as a brake on the development of oneself as an individual; nor a spectator, as to contemplate silently is not my element; nor the cloakroom attendant, because the cloakroom attendant is just a cloakroom attendant, neither more nor less.

I would like to be a scene on which events unfold, a curtain that symbolizes the beginning or conclusion of an action, an auditorium, in general, something uninhabited and eternal, as only an inspiration can take a position without flaws, that is, an ideal position in the theater of life ; and eternity will help correctly navigate in time and morals, which depend on it. While I’m in the theater only a spectator, though not indifferent, however, following the statement: “The world is a theater, and people in it are actors,” I’m in the mask of some hero I’ll still take my place on the stage of life.

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The whole world is a theater and the people in it are actors