“Master of his craft” composition

Education can do a lot…
VG Belinsky
Every morning when I go to school, I pass “dear greetings” when all the children I meet greet and smile back at me. I know that in school near the office they are already waiting for me, my students. Children hurry, interrupting each other, tell about what I was not a witness. They want to share everything new, what they have, what puzzled them.
Education – a process that begins with early childhood, when the soul of the child laid down the basic life principles. helping him to become a Man with a capital letter, boldly enter the era of a new mind and take in it a worthy place, aware of himself as a person and individuality.

I think that the class teacher is the most necessary person for a child in a modern school. He has an unusual mission in life: not only to guide, guide, but also to educate. Its purpose is to follow the formation of the personality of the child entering the modern world, to educate

a person who can adequately take his place in life.
As a class teacher, I am sure that a broad approach to the personality of the child is needed. It seems to me that it is extremely important to understand all-round development not as the development of certain aspects and qualities of the individual, but as their organic unity and integrity.

In modern conditions, in my opinion, it is necessary to reach every student, create each condition for the development of individual characteristics, and form in each the need for self-expression. Every person wants to be significant, socially self-affirming, that’s why the main educational task is to realize the person-oriented approach to education. My pedagogical motto is: “Love, create, good-bye!”. I firmly believe in the power of education, which consists of very simple components: love for children, teacher’s words, strength of personal example, justice – the basis of trust; the ability to forgive a child, kindness. The teacher – the disciple – is a single spiritual community, and the child’s life path is the

path of joy. The main thing in my work is the education of the student as a person. And in this concept I put spiritual enrichment, a broad outlook,

To this end, I refer to those universal values ​​that have been developed for centuries, throughout the history of human civilizations.
Human. A family. Fatherland. Work. Knowledge. Culture. Peace. Health. Earth. These concepts are the basis of educational work for me.

The teacher should be a professional. He should be able to put himself next to the child in the activity, and not opposite it. It is he who should help the child understand himself and believe in himself, create success situations.

I can not be an indifferent person, because I do not communicate with objects, but with a real miracle of nature – children. And this miracle needs to be nourished by the warmth of one’s heart, the richness of the soul. The alien heart of the child does not accept lies, any sincerity will be discovered, and his inner world will be closed from the mistaken educator.
In order to help the child, I determined for myself the basic rule – “Rule 7U”: “Confidence, Success, Surprise: Conviction., Respect: Equilibrium, Smiling.” I hope that the rainbow of feelings, illuminating the soul, will warm the child’s heart, guide him to the path of knowing himself.

The main task I see is to reach out to the innermost corners of the children’s soul, to help everyone to believe in themselves.
I firmly adhere to the precepts of the educator:
– do not bring up in a bad mood (“calmness, only peace”);
– determine what you want for the child, find out what he thinks about this;
– to provide possible independence;
– Do not prompt a ready solution, but show possible ways to it;
– do not miss the child’s first success;
– make timely comments;
– Evaluate the act. and not a person.
In conclusion, I want to recall the remarkable words of Democritus: “The education of children is a risky business, for in case of luck the latter is acquired at the cost of much labor and care, in the case of failure, grief is incomparable to any other.”

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“Master of his craft” composition