My perfect day

Today it will be a very effective technique for programming your future. Have you ever thought about why dreams often fail and plans are not fulfilled? Of course, it can also be that you dream wrongly or wrongly work with your goals. But there is one more big mistake. The fact is that all your dreams can not add up in one picture.

For example, you dream of big business and big income, this is on the one hand. And on the other hand, your dream is to lie all day under a palm tree with a coconut in your hands. The universe is very difficult to link this together. So here it is necessary to decide what is more important – rest or big business?

That’s why this powerful technique exists, which, first, allows you to streamline your thoughts, and secondly, to link all your dreams into a single whole. It’s called My Perfect Day.

What is the essence of the technique My ideal day

It is always important to know exactly what you want from life. And while

you clearly do not clarify for yourself, your new future will not come to you. You’ll be spinning in one place, like Phil Connors in one day.

So, try on a new role for you – super-script writer. Your task is to write a scenario that would strike everyone. Imagine that everything you describe will be immediately implemented, so approach the matter very deliberately. The title of your movie is “My Perfect Day”.

Whatever day you could call perfect. Can you imagine it? If so, feel free to grab the pen and describe it in the smallest detail. Write everything as detailed and accurate as possible.

Morning and you wake up… What does your eyes see, what sounds are heard to you, what smells you feel…. So write everything. On what bed did you sleep, what does your bed look like. What is in your bedroom – what carpet, what furniture that hangs on your wall.

If you watched the movie according to your script, what would you consider a sign in it and most wanted to see? What dialogs would you like to hear?

After all, your film is only an hour. And this hour

absorbs all your day. So try to describe the most significant moments of your day.

Write so that according to your scenario the director could make the film. What scenery he should take for this or that scene, what artists in it are involved, how they stand, move, they say.

To make it easier to describe it, you can close your eyes and see this or that scene inwardly. And if you have developed imagination, then you can dream straight in reality.

The more detailed and accurate you describe all your scenes, the stronger will be the action of this technique.

How to work with the technique My ideal day

You should either describe your whole scenario in a separate notebook, or type on a computer. I strongly advise you to add the appropriate pictures to the text.

After that, you just have to read it as often as possible. You can even enter such an evening ritual – read before bed, given the task to the Subconscious and quietly fell asleep.

Over time, all the text is so imprinted in your memory that you can repeat it from memory, making a walk or on the way to work.

To further enhance the impact of this technique, begin to bring into your life some of the details of your ideal day. Let’s say you imagined that you have freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. So buy, finally a juicer – it is now available – and start making yourself juices. Or did you imagine that giving partners cards – so make them. Do not immediately buy something so expensive and special. You just bring in your life some little things and details from your script. And then these things will also start to attract your ideal day.

The technique “My ideal day” is considered one of the most powerful techniques. Maybe it is not as simple as the others, but more effective. Because at the same time you are clearly setting the direction of your dreams.

I want to admire the roses in my garden with my grandson that I came for a vacation from Harvard.

On Saturdays I enjoy a massage in the spa.

With this pattern, imagine and create your perfect day. And then – one more, and more, and more… To make your whole life a succession of ideal days.

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My perfect day