Birch in spring

Glorious and nice is our Russian beautiful birch tree. It is difficult to imagine without her mother Rus.

Good, beautiful birch. In our Russian forests, perhaps, there is no tree nicer and more tender. A thin white birch bark covering the trunk, tender branches, a thin mill. You see a light birch – and warmer, lighter becomes on the soul.

In spring the white-shouldered beauty is especially good. As soon as the time for the dominance of the snow cover is over, the resinous fragrant buds appear on the birches, from which neat, carved, sticky leaves will soon appear.

In March – May, depending on the climatic zone, the birch pleases us with its earrings. They hang humbly hiding behind the leaves, but we still see them – it’s beautiful. This is yet another proof that spring has come.

Sap flow at the spring birch begins in accordance with its “internal schedule”, depending on the weather conditions, time of day. Birch juice is most delicious until it is crystal clear. Only the kidneys will show their activity, they will start to blossom, the juice becomes cloudy. Such juice is not collected. Birch juice is a tasty and healthy drink.

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Birch in spring