Composition “Peoples from time immemorial”

The presented topic, I think, would not have been so interesting, had it not been for the terrible events that have occurred in Ukraine. I knowingly touched upon this problem, because I believe that Russians and Ukrainians are one big and strong nation.

The history of Russia would not have started without the history of Ukraine, or rather, its lands. Our tree begins to grow from the moment of settling of the first people, the formation of the first colonies of the settlement. It was the Ukrainian soil that gave birth to the germ of a great nation.

In the second half of the first millennium our common tree took root and began to fight for its existence with numerous “parasites”: Tatars, Polovtsians, Pechenegs, Turks, Poles, French, Germans. No ax of the war could beat the young trunk of a great country.

Let us also mention that in the 9th-10th centuries it was Kiev that became the capital of the Russian state, it was from these places that the powerful

Rurikovich family began, it was the Ukrainian land that gave the forces to the development of the eastern lands.

Meanwhile, our tree takes its roots deeper, the trunk with each eyelid is becoming wider and more immense. But the dark time of the internal strife of the country is coming. People forgot about the general greatness, forgot also that only general forces can save a mighty tree. The thirst for power has caused the “rot” of a great country. Since Catherine II “gave free rein to” Ukraine, two great people have become separate organisms with their rights and laws. But let’s think, is it possible to separate the root from the trunk and hope for their independent development? No. Thus, we only opened access to our enemies.

It would seem that everything is lost: the tree does not develop, the trunk is sharpened by foreign “worms,” ​​and the roots are pulled apart for souvenirs and trophies… But the most terrible thing lies ahead. Fascism penetrates into the territory of all countries that surrender without a fight. The common enemy again rallied two mighty

people; The tree of the nation, feeling the juice of life, towers above all and in 1945 proves its strength and superiority!

Rapid growth of the tree of Russia and Ukraine begins. Old wounds heal in anticipation of progress, but… history has the property of repeating itself, unfortunately, and on August 24, 1991 the Verkhovna Rada proclaimed Ukraine’s independence, which was subsequently confirmed by a national referendum on December 1, 1991.

The desire for independence is the desire of a small child. As soon as a child receives independence, that is, faces all life’s difficulties, he returns to his mother. The same happened after the collapse of the USSR: just a child, Russia is floundering in the economic crisis, social inequality, political war and violence. It can not be said that with the receipt of sovereignty, Ukraine has become a dream country: the consequences of the desire for independence have become the same.

And now, years later the tree of two great nationalities stands and grows stronger. With the entry into the Russian Federation of Crimea and Sevastopol, people sighed, finally, full chest. Attempts by Westerners to cut down the great tree were in vain. And I believe that our peoples, who have been from the very earliest times, will never forget history and will not let anyone forcibly forget it.

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Composition “Peoples from time immemorial”