Biography of Irina Rodnina

Irina Konstantinovna Rodnina – figure skater, world champion, Olympic champion, Honored Master of Sports, politician.

Irina was born on September 12, 1949 in Moscow in a military family. As a child Irina Rodnina was not very healthy in her biography. The girl was ill 11 times with pneumonia. After another illness, to somehow strengthen the health of the child, parents led Irina to the ice rink. It is thanks to the care and attention of parents that Irina Rodnina in the biography seriously took a great interest in figure skating. The girl was talented and zealous, so soon found herself in the section of figure skaters CSK. The first serious victory of the sportswoman happened in 1963, when Irina became the third in the youth competitions of the USSR.

After Irina began to train and act in a pair with A. Ulanov, the victories literally fell down, although they got serious work. In 1967 – a victory at the contest “Moscow skates”, twice the pair became

the third in the USSR championship. To take the first place at the European Championships in the biography of figure skater Irina Rodnina was in 1969. Then the sportswoman was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR. The first victory in the world championship falls on the same 1969 year.

After a successful period in the biography of Irina Rodnina failed. Rodnina-Ulanov took the fourth place at the USSR Championship in 1970. In 1972, just one day before the World Cup Irina gets a serious injury, but still decides to speak. In the same year, her partner leaves. Then Rodnina Irina Konstantinovna in her biography decided to leave the sport. But the coach put her in a pair of talented skater – Zaitsev. At the next European Championships Zaitsev-Rodnina receive a record number of points. In 1973, at the World Championships in Bratislava, the skaters continued their performance, despite the lack of music. In 1975, speaking at the World Championships, the pair again took first place.

In 1974 Rodnina graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture, and in 1975 she married Zaitseva. The pair

continued to perform, showing excellent programs at the 1976 Olympics, the 1977 World Cup. Rodnina was able to win the Olympics for the third time in 1980.

Having ceased to perform, figure skater Irina Rodnina in her biography became a coach. Irina engaged in teaching, social activities. Rodnina is the chairman of the board of the All-Russian Voluntary Society “Sports Russia”, a member of the Council for Physical Culture under the President of the Russian Federation, and also a member of the Public Chamber. Irina published the book “Nonsmooth Ice”, conducts the transfer of “Stadium” on the radio of Russia. Children in the biography of Irina Rodnina play an important role. Irina has two children – a son Alexander and daughter Alena.

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Biography of Irina Rodnina