“Rescuer” Nikolai Fedorovich

It was Sunday morning, when my grandmother, laden with bags, was returning home from the bazaar. We chose the road through the park – it was a little longer, but incomparably more pleasant than a short way through the high-rise buildings.

It was still very early, and in the park there was a sunny and solemn silence, into which the sounds of the awakened nature harmoniously interwoven: the chirping of chirping birds, the cautious rustling of leaves. Curly maples, as in the parade, lined the avenue and as we passed, showered us with a greenish-golden rain of ripe seeds – “airplanes”. The sun’s rays, piercing the thick crowns of trees, seemed transparent, golden columns filled with businesslike dragonflies and gnats.

Without hurrying, we walked with my grandmother on the road, when suddenly a measured rapping sounded from behind the turn, as if someone was hitting a stick with a stick on the asphalt. A few seconds later Nikolai Fyodorovich came

out to meet us with his guide dog. The blind man walked thoughtfully and leisurely. Tall, smart, with broad shoulders. His whole proud bearing spoke of military bearing. On the old man’s face there was no expression of helplessness, which often gives out weakly seeing. There was no face and motionless, like many blind people. Normal calm face with wrinkles near the eyes.

Nikolai Fedorovich first greeted us, calling his grandmother by name. How he guessed that it’s us – it’s incomprehensible to the mind!

“The rescuer has gone,” my grandmother said when we parted.

– Grandmother, does he have that name – the Savior? – I was surprised, remembering that many of our neighbors talked so much about the blind.

-No, granddaughter. This is his people so nicknamed the cause of one thing. After that, he remained blind.

– Grandma, tell me quickly, what is this thing?

-Well, listen. All the war of Nicholas Fedorovich fate favors. And he was on the front line, and Berlin took it, and returned home safe and sound. Some of his neighbors

envied him, whose husbands or sons were forever left in a strange land.

And Nikolai is a jack of all trades. Many he then helped: the technician repaired, repaired furniture, and understood electricity. Once Nikolay Fedorovich walked past the school, and then the children started a fire and threw something into the fire. He jumped from Nikolay’s heart, he ran up to the boys – and they all scattered. They had unearthed the shells, and now they wanted to blow them up. They knew, sorvants, how can they end. Well, the boys ran away, and Nicholas got them for them. Saving them means, and he, the poor fellow, remained without eyes. That’s it, granddaughter, life is shaping up…

The parents of the children thanked them for a long time afterwards. A letter to Moscow was written – they asked for treatment. Yes, and could not return the vision of Nikolai Fyodorovich. A nickname and something stuck, as they called.

Grandmother said nothing, and I stopped asking. The park was over, pedestrians began to meet. Everyone went about their business, rejoicing in a wonderful sunny morning. And in my ears everything was a knocking of the wand of the blind and silent breath of the guide dog.

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“Rescuer” Nikolai Fedorovich