“An extraordinary story happened to the Wilde firework holder” in a brief summary

Everyone was preparing for the wedding of the prince and the beautiful princess, who was brought from faraway Russia. The Court Engineer at the far end of the garden prepared everything for fireworks. Petarda, the Roman Candle and the Fiery Roundabout discussed the world. A merry-go-round who was in love with a Christmas casket, believed that love died, Petarda saw the world as beautiful, and the Roman Candle considered it too big.

A sharp cough to himself drew attention Patron, tied to a long stick. In his long and very selfish speech, no one can insert a word: he considered himself superior to everything, others called rude. At all exhortations to remain dry, for this is the main thing for their brother, the Patron answered that he chooses to sob. Of course, when all the charges shot up to the sky, causing the princess’s laughter, the damp patron was silent, and the next day the janitors threw him into the ditch.

The patron decided that he was sent to the water for a health amendment; True, he did not like the frog, because she only talked about herself. Despite the fact that the interlocutor had already floated away, Patron laid out his entire story about how the wedding of the prince and the princess was organized in honor of him. Dragonfly and Duck, too, thoughtlessly quickly left him, having lost the opportunity to grow wiser.

The boys who collected firewood threw a dirty poles into the fire to warm the water in the bowler hat. The cartridge exploded, but the boys did not even wake up. The stick fell on the back of the Goose, which started to run, and the Patron went out, having said: “I knew that I would make a splash.”

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“An extraordinary story happened to the Wilde firework holder” in a brief summary