Writing my vacation

Who among us does not love summer? This time of year is especially loved by all schoolchildren, because it’s time for a vacation. In school it is not necessary, you can wake up not on an alarm clock and walk every day as long as you want. In the street it is warm and sunny, so in this weather and at home, then do not go hunting. In addition, all friends are also free, and you can have fun and carefree time.

In summer we often play football on the sports ground. For this occupation, we do not notice how time passes and tired, barely rearranging our legs, we splash home. My mother will again grumble that I’ve been out all day in the street, but still I’ll feed you a delicious dinner. After it, I fall asleep without hind legs and, without waking up, I sleep until morning. Only in the summer we play football, but at the same time we strengthen our health.

Also, during the summer holidays, I help my parents at the dacha. There I not only work, but also sunbathe

so that many think that we went to the resort. I believe that all children should help their parents, because they do not have vacations like schoolchildren, and in the summer they continue to work. And spend summer in work, in stuffy rooms, the occupation is not pleasant. It’s good that we rest in the summer, because in such weather it is difficult to concentrate on something.

If the parents have a vacation for the summer, then we go to relatives in the village. I like to go to the countryside, because now in the villages is not as before, there is also civilization. But what kind of clean air in the village and water in the river! At night, the stars are bright in the sky, which you will not see in a smoke-filled city. In the village such silence at night, that to us to city dwellers it seems unusual and even wild. After all, we are used to the noise of cars. Summer holidays probably the most beautiful time for all students. They are interesting and exciting, therefore, it seems that they fly by unnoticed. That would be good if adults also had summer vacations.

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Writing my vacation