Composition with elements of reasoning

My grandmother is an amazingly kind and sensitive person. Despite her age, she easily moves, contagiously laughs.

It seems that the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said that the eyes are a mirror of the human soul. How right it is!

Eyes often “betray” people who lie, who have an evil heart. But this is the theme of another work.

My grandmother’s eyes are extraordinary. What is special about them? They are small, blue. The unusual thing is that they are young. They sparkly sparkle when the grandmother is cheerful. And their brilliance does not go away when she is sad. It means that my grandmother’s soul is young. And this is not given to every person. For example, my neighbor, she must be the same age as her grandmother, looks gloomy and unkind. Her eyes are faded, their color can not be determined. That’s how her soul faded. It’s a pity! I think every person should try to stay young as long as possible. If this is physically impossible, then it is in his power to remain young in the soul. Aging is a dying, and life is a gift from God, which should be appreciated. We should enjoy life.

My grandmother lives in the village. She has a small farm: a garden, goats, chickens and a little dog Juchka. All this requires care and care. My grandmother is very hardworking. I want to emphasize one more detail in her appearance. Arms. They grew old and wrinkled from their constant work. However, they are strong and skillful. Their grandmother will not only feed everyone. She will knit wool socks, and cleanliness in the house will bring, and Beetle will caress her.

I really like the name of my grandmother – Anastasia. In translation from Greek it means: “fidget”. How nevertheless people name their names surprisingly!

When I have a daughter, I will call her name Anastasia.

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Composition with elements of reasoning