The person of an interesting fate

Varvara Semyonovna – an ordinary woman, an old woman from a neighboring entrance. But its fate is interesting, although it is quite traditional for our country.

Varvara Semenovna was born in 1913 and throughout her long life she experienced all the cataclysms and upheavals in our history. In the thirties, her father, a well-to-do, strong peasant, was “dekulakized” because he, the father of eight children, had two horses. Having lived in exile over the Urals for more than twenty years, the family, which has already changed considerably in its composition, returned to its native land – the head of the family insisted.

Varvara Semyonovna by that time already was more than forty years old, she already had a husband and two children, but she did not dare disobey her father and forced her husband to abandon his native land and go with her to unfamiliar places for him. Such harsh customs were in the family – even adult children were not dared to contradict

their father!

At home, Varvara Semyonovna took up the habitual business-she went milking to the collective farm. Over time, she joined the party – this is the fifth to the top ten! By its work, its activity, it gained universal respect on the collective farm, and when the question arose of the new chairman, the general assembly had no other candidate for this important post. The chairman of Varvara was good: the kolkhoz became rich and rebuilt. But in the personal life the chairman did not get along – the husband was an inveterate alcoholic. Once, when he was drunk, he set fire to the kolkhoz haystack. A court was held, forced to pay for hay, and Varvara Semyonovna had to resign from the post of chairman. By that time, she already had a decent age, so she began to retire and grow her small vegetable garden. The children left for the city, got their families, children, got apartments. The husband finally drank and died. And Varvara Semenovna was left alone. The children arrived and persuaded her to move to the city. Agreed. Since then he lives with us in the neighborhood.

What is the interesting fate of this woman? And the fact that in it, as in a drop, reflected the fate of our country in the past century.

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The person of an interesting fate